Wix and Weebly: Which Ecommerce Website Builder is better?

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Wix and Weebly are two of the most acclaimed website builders today. But, what make these two ecommerce website builders so unique? Both offers innovative web building tools with top-level secure services. Due to this, they appeal to many customers and are at the top of their game.

Although, there are still some queries as to which one of them is better at providing services and features to their clients. This article will provide better insights regarding the ecommerce platforms comparison.


Almost anyone can build a website using these two platforms. Since both offer all the necessary tools and features needed to get a website up and running. The website builders are known for its easy-to-use drag-and-drop design system that enables customers with no technical expertise to create their own website. What you are supposed to do is pick a template of your choice from site builder’s design gallery and then proceed in a simple drag and drop way.


Weebly offers customers an access over site’s CSS and HTML codes. This gives user more control and flexibility to customize the site according to their needs. Although Wix doesn’t have HTML editor in its system, instead this platform is used to build web designing needs with its high-quality templates.

When it comes to image storage, Weebly doesn’t offer separate storage section for images unlike Wix.  Apart from it, Weebly has some limitation in offering comprehensive image editing system (allows only rotating, cropping, zooming, dark, and blur along with four available filters). Whereas Wix has Aviary editor integrated to its system for enhancing website’s images.

A responsive design interface is an important trend these days. User needs a website that can run in both desktop and mobile devices. If you want simplest mobile responsive website builder out there in market today then Weebly is the perfect candidate. It has been noticed that Wix is becoming more and more mobile responsive with its mobile-optimized version of templates. And thus allows you to customize the mobile version of your website.


In the nutshell, both of ecommerce website builders provide a vast range of web design tools and templates that can allow you create your own website. Even though each of these site builders has their own benefits and drawbacks, it’s just a matter of choosing the one website builder whose features suit to your web building needs.

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