What to Look for in SEO Terms in an Ecommerce Platform?

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  1. Content should be editable

When looking to increase the search engine optimization, it is important to make sure that all the content put up on the website should be changeable. The content that should be editable includes page titles, all of the headings and sub-headings, URLs, filenames and a lot more. These are the things that play a vital role in deciding your SEO.

  1. High speed

An ecommerce website that works on a slow speed is something that customers will despise and will cause them to leave. Furthermore, slow speed does not tend to work well with the SEO as well. In 2010, Google stated that fast speed is very important as it directly related to the ranking of your website. Therefore, if your website has a slow speed it will not drive much traffic. Many factors can result in your website to work slowly such as oversized images and poor hosting.

  1. Canonical Tags

More than one URL that has the same kind of content is not seen as a positive thing for the search engine optimization. This could work when you multiple URLs on various domains as well as the same kind of content on several pages of your own website. Both of these can cause problems with your search engine optimization. If you end up copying the same description on several products than you are likely to have internal duplicate content which can harm the ranking of your SEO. However you can use a canonical tag on the URL which will tell Google that the page is just a sub part of the main website.

  1. Mobile

Most of the ecommerce purchases are made through mobile devices and Google tends to rate every page’s mobile friendliness. The way your site works with mobile devices, and how it affects them will directly affect your SEO ranking and this will show how well your website works. With many upcoming changes, the way your website delivers into mobile devices will affect your visibility rate on every user’s device.

  1. HTTPS

Google stated in 2014, that those websites who have an SSL certificate will be very beneficial to the search engine optimization ranking. This means that those websites that use https URL rather than http will benefit more in the SEO ranking, so it would be important to look at your URL before completely setting up your website.


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